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South Africa has so much to offer tourists

South Africa has so much to offer tourists

South Africa is one of the top destinations in the world after it shed off its image as a political hotspot. Local travel has spiked as well as more South Africans opt to travel around the country than travel outside of the country: in other words, many locals prefer the hotels in White River over and above exotic locations. After all, everything can be found in South Africa: beach, sun, mountains, wildlife, adventure, luxury, friendly people, and much more. In other words, buy a camera and prepare for the time of your life!

The top 3 destinations in the country are Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, all of which (by the way) are great destinations to buy engagement rings, should you be in the market for beautiful jewellery. One reason for the popularity of these owes to the fact that many events take place here. Hotels and other forms of accommodations like self-service guest houses and apartments, bed and breakfast mean that the choices in accommodations range from the highly expensive to budget-conscious and affordable.

Johannesburg Choicest Accommodations

Johannesburg is a very large city and there are many rumors floating around about potential risks to personal safety. However, let’s take a step back and realize that danger lurks everywhere and so as long as you observe prudence in choosing your daily itinerary, you should be able to enjoy the time of your life in Johannesburg. Do remember, though, to keep your Tag Heuer and Apple iPod Touch 5 well out of sight in high crime areas.

Westcliff Hotel is a lovely 5 star place to visit as it is nestled against the mountains overlooking Johannesburg. The ambience is cozy and luxurious with good amenities such as a spa, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and tennis court. You book tours with the hotel including a safari tour but if this is too highbrow for you another place to consider is the Genesis Suites.

The Genesis Suites is a self-catered apartment with a supermarket within walking distance. If you are on a road trip, the parking is free for all guests. The rooms are modern, light and airy with good views of the city. And it’s affordable and good for groups or families.

Durban’s Cottages and Great Family Rooms

If it’s beach you are looking for, you will probably be interested in visiting Durban; and if you’re looking for houses for sale in Pretoria, a visit to this city may entice you to relocate. You can also go diving; try the city tours, shopping, surfing, and lots of night entertainment for parents and children.

The Albany Hotel is located in the city and is very reasonable for a young family of 4. Room rates are R700 a day although if you would rather pay less, try the Golden Sands self-catering apartments. By now, it’s obvious that hotels are generally more expensive because they offer full service and have a higher overhead. If you willing to rough it up a bit, these apartments are very convenient.

For further away from the center of Durban and lower rates, the self-catering North Lodge cottages are halfway between Durban and Umhlanga. A small family with one child will only have to pay about R400 per night.

Cape Town: Everything’s Here!

This is one of the most diverse cities in the world and in the country, it is the second most populated. This means you have an amazing choice in accommodations from backpacker’s lodges, self-catered apartments, 3 to 5 star hotels and even specialty hotels for gays.

In terms of costs, rates are typical of big city prices but based on time of the year. The rates drop once peak season ends. For example, in May the average room rate starts at R800 per person but can go as high as R1600 per room. If you are a member of a club like the Camps Bay Accommodations Association, you get special discounts on published room rates.